Wednesday, December 26, 2007

How to Organize Your Digital Files

Let the computer do its work. You can sort by date and search. There is no reason to bury your folders into sub-level after sub-level folder directories (try to stick to the no more than 3 level rule). Here is my system that I adapted from a lifehacker post Geek to Live: Organizing "My Documents" and GTD principels

@backup: for blog, contacts, email, etc. back ups

@docs: all your working files

@docs-archived: all files you are done with

@junkdraw: temporary holding place, good place to download temp files into

@multimedia: video, pics and music files, makes it easy to add to libraries

@scripts: code and shortcuts files

* Note I use the @ symbol to get these files names up to the top of a list when alphabetized.

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