Friday, December 12, 2008

Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts can be 4x fastser than mouse

Online shortcuts databases:

See my favorite shortcuts for my favorite programs here

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Reading System: Checklist & Symbols

For most the last time they thought about their processes of reading was when they were 12 years old. I challenge you to metacognitively think about the way you read and how you can improve it. Here is mine, share your tricks.

[] Eliminate Distractions: establish schedule & space
[] Get Equip: utensils, note cards, sticky notes, book stand
[] Music, water, tea
[] Plan: Time goal, break, #of pgs.

[] Enter relax state of consciousnesses: close eyes deep breath, 1-10
[] Meditate on the intent of reading this book: establish the purpose
[] Affirmation:
"I read for the message, not to obsess on the words. It's not only what I read, rather it is my habit of reading that keeps my mind sharp, fresh, and open."

[] In 10 minutes read:
1) Table of contents, glossary, and index (pick up on tags)
2) Anything in bold, titles, and subtitles
3) First line of every paragraph
[] Notice: keywords, pics, figs, structure, organization
[] Generate ?'s (put in front of book)

[] Don't sub vocalize, see groups of words not letters
[] Use finger or guide
[] Interact with my Reading Symbols
[] Turn titles into ?'s and look for answers

[] Write an abstract, 1 sentence summary (in front cover)
[] Mind map it, review it, blog it, journal it
[] Create a System for Implementation! Use it or loose it!

* = Key Point

[] = Action

/\ = Technique/Strategy to Apply

" " = Quote

(?) = Discussion Question/Teach

? = Question/Disagree

! = Agree

Circled = Keywords/Concepts

Underlined = Important

Dog Ear = Worth rereading

Sticky Note = Bookmark

Common Code Notes
2G = To Google it
2Blogit = To Blog it
2RD = To Research & Develop
2RR = To Read & Review

Inside Front Cover
Write the purpose for reading (i.e.knowledge vs. growth)
List questions generated
After reading write abstract, key message

Inside Back Cover
List keywords, vocab, tags
Index lists of notes during
Application Action [] To Do lists