Saturday, April 9, 2011

Podcast: Navy SEAL Training With Stew Smith Interview

The Art of Manliness Podcast Episode #23: Navy SEAL Training With Stew Smith

Show Notes & Quotes:

Seasonal approach to training:
Looks at year as a bell curve to the length of the day
April - Aug are longest days of year so most time and best time for peak season (great point b/c you can't have peak all the time, body can't do all year long) add from my tri book he also has a good seasonal look

Non impact = yoga and swimming

His 5 phases of fitness states:
phase 1 highly motivated
phase 2 doubt no results yet
phase 3 conquer doubts and created a habit, long term sight lifestyel change
phase 4 you are fit and are associating yourself around fit people
phase 5 planning, set physical goals half marathon, tri

give me a month i can change the way you look
give me a year i can change your life
fitness is a journey not a destination