Monday, December 31, 2007

How to Manage Your Online Profiles: 3P Idenities

Problem: Have you ever found yourself staring at website registration set up screen, twisting your brain on figuring out if you should give up your email address, or whether to use your real name or made up user name?

Solution: 3P Identities. You should only manage 3 identities. Here's how:

1) Personal Identity. Should be your main email address and most protected. Only use with family, friends, and trusted contacts. For this account I recommend Gmail because it is the absolute best email service out there hands down. It will also allow you to forward all email addresses into and send email from the account. Email address suggestion:

2) Professional Identity. This is your work email address, only for work and work related associations, blogs, and networks. For email address I would keep professional sounding nothing to high schoolish and set it up with Yahoo, a decent secondary account.

3) Political Identity. This is your anonymous account that you don't have to worry about future employers figuring out what kind of music you listen to, youtube videos you watch, networks you join, comments you make, and blogs you read and write. When ever I sign up for a new social network or webapp I always use this email address to protect my main inbox from all the spam and updates that come when you give up your email address. For this account I use Hotmail which is making a nice comeback these days and I would come up with some fun original nickname that you will never have to worry about it being already taken and hints a little something about you.

Once you have these three email address set up you can use the same user name and passwords for each area of your online experience, so you will only have to manage 3 accounts.

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